Don Eaton is a nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, recording artist, lecturer, and seminar leader. He has released 4 albums of original songs and tours nation-wide as a concert artist, workshop leader, and guest lecturer-teacher. He also has toured in Canada, England, Europe, Central America, and the former Soviet Union.Don has developed a national reputation for powerful, lyric-oriented music and also for inspiring and practical compassion education classes, seminars and retreats. He has received several awards for the lyrical content of his songs, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. His song “I AM ONE VOICE” received national attention when Suzanne Somers introduced it on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. The song was also the powerful emotional conclusion of the ABC MOVIE OF THE WEEK, “KEEPING SECRETS: THE SUZANNE SOMERS STORY.” The talk show and the movie were used as the vehicles to launch the song as the national “anthem” of Adult Children of Alcoholics, of which Suzanne Somers is chairperson. The song is now being sung by various groups across the U.S. and around the world.Don plays both six and twelve string acoustic guitar, and reviewers have compared his voice to Don MacLean, John Denver, and Dan Fogelberg. One reviewer states: “Eaton is a warm, open, life-affirming person whose songs have real content and deep messages really worth listening to.”

Don Eaton is also founder and executive director of Small Change, a non-profit corporation, whose mission is compassion education and hunger relief. In dealing with both the hunger of the heart and the hunger of the body, Small Change focuses on compassion education, compassion in action, as the key to personal and social transformation, including peace, justice and environmental issues.Blending his unique talents as both a lecturer and singer-songwriter, Don tours colleges and universities as part of their “arts and lectures” series. As an educational consultant to school districts, Don’s work focuses on character education and Self-esteem to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse. He also brings the Small Change program to churches, businesses, and service and professional organizations.