Reviews from Spiritual Leaders

“Don Eaton’s music, message, and presence combine in a remarkable human being. His songs are wonderfully aesthetic, inspirational, even sacramental, mediating the presence of the Spirit… warm, captivating and insightful… I highly recommend him to you for a powerful concert, worship service, or evening program, as a conference speaker, for a weekend retreat or workshop.” – – Dr. Marcus Borg, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture, Dept. of Philosophy, Oregon State University

“Don Eaton’s talent as a singer-songwriter, as well as his grace and sensitivity, have put him in demand by numerous denominations. I highly recommend him to you without any hesitation.” – – Rodney Page, Former Executive Director, Church World Service

“I have heard Don Eaton in concert at Ohio Conference Annual Meeting and at General Synod… he is not only talented, he carries with him a strong “presence” that reflects deep personal faith . . . His concert was the primary ingredient for bringing about community spirit and cohesiveness . . . Any conference would do well to have him perform in concert as a part of their annual meeting.” – – Rev.Thomas Dipko, Ph.D., Former Executive Vice-President, United Church of Christ, Board for Homeland Ministries

“. . . His songs open the heart and leave you spellbound. They reveal the authentic presence of a compassionate soul. I highly recommend him to people of all faiths.” – – Carolyn Craft, former National Radio-Media Consultant, Voice of Unity, Lee’s Summit, MO

“Don Eaton’s songs are a creative combination of tenderness and toughness . . . very strong lyrics of social commentary and insight . . . but most of all, these are songs of deep compassion.” – – Robert McAffee Brown, Theologian, Author, Professor Emeritus, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley

“Wonderful, thoughtful, heartfelt songs . . . that reach into the deep places of life . . . strong messages for peaceful and joyful living.” – – Justine and Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio, San Francisco

“Don Eaton’s interweaving of music and speaking makes his presentations amongst the most memorable I have heard . . . the adults and high school audience was spellbound for two hours as he shared out of the depth of his own life experiences . . . I especially recommend him to you.” – – Rev. Eugene Ross, retired Associate Conference Minister, Central Pacific Conference, United Church of Christ

“. . . A wonderful and inspiring singer-songwriter . . . His lyrics provoke thought and deep emotion. God is using Don’s musical talent to speak to millions of people.” – – Suzanne Somers, Entertainer, actress, singer, author

“Don Eaton’s concert at the Idaho State University was an evening of wonderful music — strong and challenging, and at the same time energizing and renewing.” – – Rev. Jan Harkness, former Ecumenical Ministries, Idaho State University

“Don Eaton’s songs are gentle, melodic and filled with yearning. They reflect a deep, compassionate life . . . his songs are true healing for the listener.” – – Robert Raines, retired Executive Director, Kirkridge Retreat Center, Pennsylvania